Vol. 2

I'm sure we can all agree..."it's been one heck of a year!"

About a year ago, we were thawing out from participating in our 2019 Parade of Lights Boat Parade. Certainly on that festive evening and then on the ringing in of the New Year, we never saw what was coming down the pike for 2020! We were so excited to get the ball rolling for our beloved Lighthouse Musicfest and another Boat Parade! Not to mention, a summer of great tours, dinner evenings, the launching of a big book signing event and our fabulous Lighthouse Birthday Party! Sadly, not one of those events happened!

When one looks at the important things in life "if we have our health, we are lucky!" For some of our friends, they weren't so lucky. We at the lighthouse and so many of you have lost special friends and family as a result of Covid-19. It has been a heartbreaking year and has taken a toll on businesses and certainly charities, especially, historic preservation.

We, at the preservation society have been busy keeping the balls in the air and this newsletter will bring you up to speed on what HAS taken place in spite of it all. Sit back and take a peak...

Centerport Yacht Club - YOUNG SAILORS were our only visitors this summer. We were delighted to see them! They came with their "ace" sailing instructor and were given an informative tour of the lighthouse. They all were wearing masks. It was so much fun talking to these youngsters and hope that they now have a more in-depth love for the Lighthouse. We also hope they might some day become Keepers of the Light and Pirates at the Musicfest!

Traditionally on the night before the Musicfest, the LHYC Lighthouse Cup Race takes place. This year, even though there was no Musicfest, the wonderful tradition continued. This time is was a little different and somewhat bittersweet, for it was in memory of a great man, Jon TenHaagen. A huge "thank you" to Jordan Mindich and Cesar Vallejo of LHYC, Huntington Lighthouse volunteer Andrew Schild for the last minute amazing sound and beautiful projection surprise on the lighthouse featuring a tribute to Jon. To Hank Jennings and crew for sailing Jon’s beloved sail boat, “Owls Nest” in the race. To all the fabulous sailors and crew that participated and to Terry Whyte for capturing it all on his drone. Most of all, to Jon, up in heaven for giving us a beautiful sunset and moonrise. He will be forever missed.

Next weekend - Saturday, December 5th...It's Happening!
The wreath is back!
Thanks to the incredible generosity of Bob Porter - Sound Marine
(who made and donated the first frame) and just made us a new frame,
Gary Blum - SCHLICK Design Group for supplying the beautiful fresh greens,
Van Cott Nursery for the huge task of greening this massive 12' wreath,
and our dear friend Paul Kaiser - KAISER Marine for the wicked job of transporting and helping us
to hang this 600lb wreath and fasten her to the lighthouse
...and the volunteers/muscle to assist with this daunting task,
thanks to these people!
Our wreath was missed last year but she is back to stay!
Pray for decent weather so that all goes well and on schedule!

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