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Save Huntington's Lighthouse, Inc.
Founded in 1985 by Ms. Janis Harrington to preserve the unique structure that is the Huntington Harbor Lighthouse. With the enthusiastic support of her family, the late Dr. Douglas Harrington and his wife Mary, along with some friends in the community, they started this not-for-profit group embarking on the process of saving the Lighthouse from demolition. After years of neglect, the US Coast Guard had announced plans for its demolition due to concern for the safety of the servicing personnel for the light. It was to be replaced by a steel tower displaying the navigational aids. The early days were filled with extensive and expensive efforts to clean out the lighthouse from years of neglect and environmental decay. Access to the site was tricky with no secure dock or ramp to tie up a boat. Progress was slow and arduous. Harder still was the securing of grants and donations to help push this project along. Yet, those involved had a passion and a will to succeed. 

Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society, Inc.
In 2003 it was decided that the name needed to be changed to reflect the current status of the lighthouse. Although it had been officially saved, ongoing restoration and preservation work continued. The Lighthouse was finally opened for tours during the summer of 2003. This coincided with the Town of Huntington's 350th Anniversary Celebration to let the public see, first hand, the efforts of the work crews and the value of their donations over the years!

HLPS is dedicated to keeping this unique historic off shore lighthouse open to the public for public tours and educational purposes. Volunteers are always needed and welcome to join us. Some of our needs are in the areas of research, guided tours, events, fund raising and physical work at the lighthouse, which involves carpentry, painting and other repairs and maintenance.

CONTACT info@huntingtonlighthouse.org or 631-421-1985 to get involved.

President Pamela Setchell
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Treasurer Leigh Sterflinger 

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