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Bought a Granite Brick?

Wondering if you will ever see them installed? This is what’s happening…

The granite pavers were to be placed on the Keepers Landing. For those of you that haven’t visited the lighthouse, this was the concrete platform at the end of the steel pier. When we started this program over a decade ago, we along with our engineers had no reservations about the location. One corner was an issue, but it was to be repaired and additional rip rap was to be added to further protect the landing. If you are curious as to where the pavers are, they are all (except for about 20) safely stored on the lighthouse.

While raising money for the repairs and additional stone for the concrete landing, it was discovered that there was serious damage to the corners of the lighthouse. When deciding to do some exploratory excavation to see the extent of the damage, it was found that there was far more work to be done in order to preserve the foundation and the Keepers Landing. The Keepers Landing had been changed about 5-6 times in the past 100 years and the supporting foundation under it had some mysteries attached. The foundation work cost approximately $1,100,000.00 and did not happen overnight. While doing these extensive repairs to the foundation, we were looking forward to the completion so that we could FINALLY install the granite blocks in their final resting place. So many of us had purchased multiple blocks and were growing very anxious to see them installed! However, the fourth side (Keepers Landing) collapsed during the last ten feet of repairs on the third side. It was kind of a domino effect! It left us with no way to enter the lighthouse and exposed a situation showing that there was no support for the landing. Mystery solved! Had we installed the blocks there – we would have lost all of them!

The concrete Keepers Landing was where the bricks were destined to go. However, it was deemed that this concrete Keepers Landing could not be rebuilt as it is constantly subject to rip rap shifting underneath and the peril and effects of ice. Two other locations were explored and were seeking approval from the State Historic Preservation and the engineers. We are all anguished over this as our personal friends, family and YOU have been waiting forever. At present, one location has been deemed suitable and our engineers are drawing up plans so that we can move forward and they can be placed permanently!

The moment plans are approved and we are ready to go – you will be the first to know!

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Thank you for your patience!